Api sentinelle

Un très bon reportage de Davide Conconi et Elia Regazzi sur nos recherches publiées dans la prestigieuse revue Science. Il Giardino di Albert, http://www.rsi.ch/albert. Voir le reportage (ça commence à 14’50’’)

Les abeilles africaines défient le Varroa

Nos recherches en biologie ethnologie sur l’apiculture et ses défis au Burkina Faso à l’antenne de CQFD, une bien belle émission de la RTS. Ecoutez nos propos!   

A new hypothesis to understand Honeybee colony losses?

Honeybees, through their role as pollinators, provide a crucial ecosystem service to natural flora and agriculture worldwide. Parasites and pathogens represent an increasing threat to honeybees. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) in the USA and other types of colony losses in other parts of the world are characterized by unexplained decrease of adult population leading to…

Arthropod symbioses: a neglected parameter in pest- and disease-control programmes

1. Arthropods are important players in biological control as pests, control agents and transmitters of invertebrate diseases. Arthropods are frequently infected with one or several micro-organisms, serving as micro-ecosystems in which multiple interactions can take place. These micro-organisms include disease agents and symbiotic micro-organisms. The latter are usually vertically transmitted and can have a broad…